Home Refurbishments in Caterham | Trends for Bathroom Renovations, Property Alterations and More

When you start out on projects like property alterations, home refurbishments and property renovations, where do you look for inspiration? Do you have a clear vision that you have cultivated over time, or do you search magazines and websites to spark your creativity?  There’s no right or wrong way to approach home improvements, be they in Caterham or any other location. Our homes constantly evolve with changing lifestyles and family needs, so you will always end up where you need to be, no matter which route you take.

From bathroom renovations to kitchen refurbishments, Format Renovations makes your home improvement work simple and hassle-free. We have a proven record for stunning results stretching back to our establishment in 2011.

With this experience comes a certain level of industry insight. This allows us to recognise the latest trends currently occurring in the home improvement sector.

All property alterations in Caterham are unique, be they home refurbishments or property renovations. But it’s always interesting to see what patterns are unfolding on a grander scale.

As such, we have listed some of the current key home improvement trends below.

Property Renovation and Design Trends

An Evolution of Open Plan

Much like kitchen refurbishments and bathroom renovations, property alterations that create open-plan spaces hold huge appeal with homeowners. They create the perception of more space, improve accessibility and increase natural light transmission. However, they aren’t always the perfect fit for every home.

Between 2019 and 2020, the number of jobs that involved rebuilding an internal wall increased by 350%. Whether you prefer to keep your kitchen and dining area separate, or you want an adult-only relaxation space for when the kids have gone to bed, rebuilding a wall in your home is often a desirable, and practical, solution.

Bold Isn’t Always Best

This trend doesn’t apply to everyone. If you have already found your ‘forever home’ and bold designs work for you, then you should put them at the heart of your home refurbishments or property renovations. But if you think you might be in your current Caterham house for no more than a couple of years, you may want to prioritise neutral shades for your property alterations and redecoration projects.

On the most basic level, you should focus on painting your walls white or cream. These colours appeal most to prospective buyers as they make rooms feel light and fresh. With their blank-canvas quality, they also allow people to imagine how they would live in such a property.

If you plan on staying put for a while longer, consider bathroom renovations and kitchen refurbishments too. These will increase your quality of life in the short-term and hold their appeal with buyers when the time comes to sell.

Millennials and Property Renovations

Small-scale property alterations and home refurbishments hold an almost universal appeal. They’re relatively basic and come with a swift turnaround time, especially when left with Format Renovations. However, millennials are the most likely age group to take on home renovations. This is because it’s an easier way to get on the property ladder.

Compared with only 20 years ago, it takes the average adult an extra 8 years to buy their first home. According to statistics covering 2019 to 2020, 89% of 25 to 34 year olds planned to undertake some form of property renovations. In many cases, this is because the home itself is in a poor condition and thus more affordable.

On the plus side, projects like bathroom renovations and kitchen refurbishments allow you to create two new stunning rooms at the heart of your Caterham home.

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