Property Alterations in Oxted | Why are Kitchen Refurbishments & Bathroom Renovations So Popular?

When it comes to home refurbishments, property alterations and property renovations in Oxted, what rooms do you think are most popular? While every room in a domestic house has its own merits, there’s no doubt that bathrooms and kitchens hold the most appeal. If you’ve ever bought or sold a property, you’ll know well enough that these two rooms attract the closest inspections.

It’s little surprise, then, that a significant amount of our work comes in the form of kitchen refurbishments and bathroom renovations. But what makes these two rooms so popular to homeowners and prospective buyers alike? We have presented some of the most common reasons below.

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The Popularity of Kitchen Refurbishments

Given that kitchens are widely regarded as ‘the heart of the home’, it’s easy to understand what makes them such an appealing prospect for home refurbishments. Your own kitchen represents the centre of your family’s day-to-day living. It’s likely that you start your days in the kitchen, preparing a cup of tea or coffee and an energising breakfast.

In the evenings and at weekends, you might prepare meals with the family, catching up on the week’s events and news. You may even all eat together in the kitchen too.

Unlike bathroom renovations in and around Oxted, kitchen refurbishments also factor in a social element. If you regularly entertain friends and extended family, you might chat, cook and eat together in the kitchen too.

What’s more, spending more time in the kitchen could provide health benefits too. The more healthy meals you prepare from scratch, the more you control your nutritional intake.

When you factor in that these property alterations also produce a sizeable rise in property resale value, it’s easy to see why they are regularly the focal point of home refurbishments and property renovations.

The Popularity of Bathroom Renovations

There’s an argument that claims that while kitchens are the favourite room in the house, bathrooms are the most important. Whatever your own personal take on this, it’s clear to see that bathroom renovations are on a par with kitchen refurbishments when it comes to popularity. This is why so many of our home refurbishments in Oxted combine both.

We feel safe in presuming that your bathroom bookends your day. It’s likely the first room you go to after waking up and the last one you visit before bed. As such, whether we perform small-scale property alterations in this room alone, or as part of larger scale property renovations, we emphasise the importance of tone and atmosphere.

Creating a calming, reassuring space will influence your state of mind. A stunning bathroom sets you up perfectly for the day ahead and for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Bathroom renovations also often inspire the tone for the rest of your Oxted home. You may find that you love your new bathroom so much that it leads to kitchen refurbishments and other property alterations in a similar vein. It can even fire creativity for entire home refurbishments and property renovations.

Perhaps most importantly, bathrooms are safe spaces. Not many rooms inside your home have a lock on the door, and with good reason. Your bathroom provides a space for a moment of solitude in an increasingly frantic world. It’s a privilege, then, to unwind and relax in a beautiful environment tailored to your tastes.

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