Property Renovations in Reigate | 4 Design Trends That Put Prospective Buyers Off

When it comes to property alterations, home refurbishments and property renovations, there’s often the need to balance short- and long-term benefits. If you’re happy in your current Reigate home and can’t imagine moving again, there’s less pressure in this regard. You can focus exclusively on what benefits you and fulfils your design aspirations. However, if you can see yourself moving again relatively soon, it’s easy to put saleability at the centre of your home improvement projects.

For kitchen refurbishments, bathroom renovations or any other building services, Format Renovations is the trusted choice in Reigate, Surrey and the surrounding areas. We use more than 20 years of trade experience to deliver stunning, stylish results in line with your exact specification.

With this expertise, we provide advice on what might reduce or increase saleability. Below, we have listed 4 design features that put prospective buyers off.

As you will see, many of these aspects are some of the leading interior design trends from recent years. When it comes to dressing your home for sale, or undertaking property alterations and property renovations with an eye on a move, we recommend avoiding anything too personal.

Home Refurbishments | Features Lacking Universal Appeal

Rooms Painted Dark Colours

In a recent poll, 52% of those surveyed said rooms painted dark blue were unappealing. Likewise, 49% said the same about dark grey rooms. This doesn’t mean the colour is a bad choice for your home in Reigate, it’s just unappealing for some buyers. Those looking at properties to buy favour neutral tones like white and cream. These enhance overall lightness while allowing buyers to better imagine how they would use the space.

From kitchen refurbishments to bathroom renovations, if you’re planning to move on within a few years, don’t go too dark in your design.

No Bath in the Bathroom

Bathtubs seem to split homeowners down the middle. For some, they take up valuable floorspace and are the first thing to go during property alterations and home refurbishments. For others, they are an essential part of everyday life. In the same survey, 43% of those questioned said that not having a bath was a negative. If your Reigate home doesn’t have a bath, this isn’t the easiest fix. But there are some useful solutions.

You can create a floorplan that shows how your potential buyers could integrate a bath. You can even show photos of how the bath used to fit in before you or a previous owner removed it, if you have any to hand. By showing how bathroom renovations or full property renovations can easily incorporate a new bathtub, you can turn this negative back in your favour.

Black Taps or Shower Fixtures

If you put darker accents at the heart of bathroom and kitchen refurbishments, you’re certainly not alone. But black fittings aren’t to everyone’s taste. Indeed, 35% of those surveyed claimed to dislike them. While this is still a minority, it only further reinforces how personal property alterations and home refurbishments can have a significant impact on saleability.

Fortunately, it’s easy to pick up second-hand chrome taps for next to nothing. Or you can even install new ones if your budget allows. Swapping them over only takes a few minutes. Much like property renovations with neutral design schemes, this one change could help to make the difference in getting a sale over the line.

White Tiles with Dark Grouting

Staying in bathrooms and kitchens, the survey also found a dislike for colour contrasts between tiles and grouting. In recent years, many home refurbishments and property renovations, whether in Reigate or the surrounding areas, have combined white metro tiles with dark grouting. However, 28% of those surveyed said this was unappealing.

For some, dark grouting looks dirty and unhygienic. However, the core issue for those who dislike this look is the thought of costly replacement work. The truth is, re-grouting is one of the most inexpensive and simplest property alterations. This means our team can provide a simple upgrade or include it in larger kitchen refurbishments and bathroom renovations.

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